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RapidReader for Palm TREO and Palm Pre

RapidReader for Palm OS

"With RapidReader, when I go to lunch, I just prop my Treo up against a ketchup bottle and let RapidReader run. I can get a lot of reading done at 500 words a minute while I'm eating."

San Jose, Calif

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With RapidReader Mobile you can immediately read many times faster in large-font, hands-free comfort.

speed read on your Palm Treo

Accelerate Your Reading Anywhere

Now you have a new option to help you make the most of your time when you're away from your desk. Fast, easy reading whether you're on the subway, on a break, or anywhere you need quick access to the information that matters to you.

The newest release of RapidReader for Palm, version 4.0, adds support for the latest generation of wireless, high-resolution PDA devices such as the Palm OS Treo. It is compatible with Palm-based devices from OS 3.5 through OS 5. Immediately enhances the versatility and power of your Palm PDA or mobile phone.

RapidReader's patented "Speech Mimic" technology displays words in the rhythm of human speech. This dramatically improves comprehension even at very high reading speeds and transforms your Palm device into a powerful information tool. No matter how long the document, RapidReader puts easy, automated speed-reading in the palm of your hand. Large font, easy reading at comfortable distances and virtually hands free. RapidReader means no more "Squinting and Scrolling"

So, transfer your files from your PC to your Palm device with RapidReader and get a new level of benefit from mobilized information; both convenience AND speed.

  • Large high-resolution fonts
  • Optimized for Palm OS 5
  • Improved support for expansion memory
  • No Scrolling-- Comfortable "Lean-Back" Reading Experience
  • Large Font Relieves Eyestrain
  • Save PDF, MS Word to RapidRead on Your Mobile*
  • Selectable speeds up to 800 WPM
  • Create and Add Your Own Notes
  • Read Palm DOC files
  • "Autoread" your e-mail hands free

* Requires RapidReader PRO for Windows to convert PDF files for use with RR Mobile.

See how RapidReader integrates directly into the programs you use most often so they can work faster and smarter for you.

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In short, when you have a lot to read RapidReader PRO can save you a lot of time.

See how RapidReader integrates directly into the programs you use most often so they can work faster and smarter for you.


*Note: RapidReader will not parse proprietary or encrypted e-book formats