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SoftOlogy IdeaWorks

About SoftOlogy IdeaWorks:

SoftOlogy IdeaWorks is a technology research and development company founded in 2001. Our team is devoted to creating new ways to help people accelerate their ability to acquire information and build knowledge. Ultimately, our goal is to use the power of the computer to close the the gap between the electronic screens that deliver the information and the ease and speed with which people are able to read and absorb it.

Our Products

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RapidReader®: Patented Software Applications for Accelerating Onscreen Reading





MagnaFlyer™: Software, Content and Protocol for Professional Low Vision Rehabilitation and Assistive Reading Technology





TextVision™: Assistive Reading Software and Training Materials "Leveling the Playing Field for Students and Adults with Learning Disorders"




CineText™ and StoryBoarder™: A Complete Publishing Solution for Accelerated Reading Editions, Textbooks, White Papers and Rich Media Content.





The RapidReader Free Library™: Hundreds of Free Books and Materials in RapidReader® Format



At SoftOlogy IdeaWorks™ We Create..
“Software for the Human Operating System” ™
SoftOlogy IdeaWorks is a "C" corporation registered in the state of Nevada, USA

Just a Few of the Reasons You'll Want RapidReader PRO

Read Up to 950 Words Per Minute
    Practical Use
  • It's There Whenever You Need It
  • Instantly Load PDF, MS Word, Web Pages, E-mail attachments
  • Read Research, Business Reports, Academic Assignments

    Speed and Ergonomic Comfort
  • Select your Reading Speed from 150-950 wpm
  • Just Sit Back and Watch-- There's No Scrolling,
  • Customize Your Font, Size and Screen Position
  • Large Text Relieves Eyestrain

  • Information Efficiency
  • 3 Views-- Paragraph, Turbo and Pause Mode
  • Add Notes, Highlites and Bookmarks
  • Save PDF, Web Pages as RapidReader Files
  • Share as E-mail Attachments or via DropBox

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