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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find concise information on various RapidReader topics.
If you don't find what you're looking for please click on the HELP button or contact support

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"Amazingly fast, Amazingly easy."

Dr. Edward Krieckec, Chicago Ill.

orange arrow Installation


What's the Difference between RR PRO and Standard?:

Support for PDF and Outlook Email and attachments

The major difference between the Standard and PRO versions is that PRO includes includes additional sophisticated file analysis software for complex formats. These enable support for extracting the text from PDF documents. With PRO you can "drag and drop" a PDF onto the RapidReader icon and it will automatically parse the text and open the PDF in RapidReader for you.

RR PRO also includes direct "add-in" support for Outlook Email and attachments. With it you can select up to 100 emails and their attachments, and with one click RR PRO will place them in sequential order for accelerated reading. You can skip through them and read attachments with a single keystroke. Below you'll find some more information about RapidReader PRO.

For a complete "Head to Head" comparison chart please click here.

Installing RapidReader on Windows :

  1. You will receive an email with instructions and your product serial number
  2. In download folder double click on the RR6_Pro_Win32_Release_Setup.exe
  3. Follow the installer prompts.
  4. NOTE: Keep your product email for replacement downloads

Launch RapidReader and you should see the words NORMAL MODE and FULL MODE in the lower right hand corner

There is a brief tutorial available upon install. We highly recommend that
you spend the few minutes to experience what reading 500 wpm feels like as
well as get an overview of features and functions to get you up and running


When installing RapidReader on your Windows Vista or Windows 7 system there may be some additional steps are required to set administrator permissions. Click for information about installing on Vista or Windows 7

You may also need to manually enable "add-ins" to MS Word, Internet Explorer and Outlook. Click for information about installing on Vista or Windows 7

If you receive a dialog box stating you cannot validate:

  • Please Click Here Click for information about installing on Vista or Windows 7 for troubleshooting information.
  • If you are not able to resolve the issue please contact support


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orange arrow Opening Files in RapidReader


General Instructions for Opening Files in RapidReader:

  • There are several ways to open a file in RapidReader

    1) You can Launch RapidReader and click on FILE>OPEN and browse to supported file types.
    2) You can launch RapidReader and the file from any application that has a RapidReader "add-in" item in the toolbar
    3) You can "drag and drop" a supported file onto the RapidReader Icon
    4) You can copy text (Ctlr+V) from any file type to the clipboard then Launch RapidReader and Paste (ctrl+V)

    For more information regarding opening files please
    Click Here Click here for more information about opening documents in RapidReader

RapidReader PRO: Opening PDF files

To RapidRead a PDF. Simply "Drag and Drop" it onto the RapidReader PRO desktop Icon. You don't even have to open Adobe Acrobat at all.

RR PRO uses an artificial intelligence engine to analyze the PDF to extract the text and import it into RapidReader for you.

All the page numbers are the same for both RapidReader and the original PDF for easy reference between documents.

You can even convert and save the PDF to RapidReader Mobile or Palm format to speed-read on your Mobile Phone.

NOTE: Should you receive a message saying "Cannot parse files of this type" it is because the PDF is locked, copy protected or scanned as an image.

TIP: Use the DogEar MarkerThe Dog-Ear Icon on the ParagraphView Tool Barin the RapidReader version of the PDF to note the placement of pictures or graphics for later review.

RapidReader PRO: Batch Opening E-mail and Attachments in Outlook

With RapidReader PRO you can speed through dozens of emails at a time in Outlook. Simply Shift Click to select a range of emails and Click on the RapidReader button on the toolbar. All of the selected emails and their attachments will open as a single searchable file.

You can move through them by pressing "N" when ever you want.

You can also RapidRead MS Word and PDF attachments by simply pressing "A".

TIP: You can easily create a summary of email correspondence for legal matters, for your review or to pass on to a colleague.
Please Click Here Click here for power user tips for business. to for a step-by-step guide and to see more Power-User Tips for business.

Using RapidReader with Firefox, Safari and Other Browsers

You can open a web page from any browser with RapidReader Windows or Mac.

Tip: If you get a text not found message or you are unable to copy the text of a web page select the "Printer Friendly" version of the page and proceed with the following

See Information about "clear print" formatting with FREE Readability or Evernote Bookmarklet for Browsers

RapidReader can be used with any browser by using the Select / Copy function.

Click and Drag to select text within the browser window.


Select All (Cmd+A) and Copy (Cmd+C)

Double click on the RapidReader Desktop Icon to Launch RapidReader. Click in the Window and press (Cmd+V) to Paste the text.


Select FILE>OPEN FROM CLIPBOARD The text you selected will appear in ParagraphView.

Double Click on any word to begin.

TIP: To streamline opening several pages in in a row; MINIMIZE RapidReader rather than re-launching each time.

Free Bookmarklets That Can Make Using RapidReader Even Easier

The Readability Bookmarklet
When you're using either of the above methods to import text into RapidReader you may find that there are unwanted elements included. For instance navigation within the page or web site addresses, advertising etc. Readability is a free browser utility that strips out any elements that don't contribute to the content of the page before you copy to RapidReader.

It is easy to install and use in your browser of choice. Essentially the utility formats the text into something much like a printed page. This in turn means that opening the text in RapidReader is simplified because the bookmarklet delivers only the item you want to read which you can then open in RapidReader with a few simple keystrokes. The links and instructions follow.

The readability bookmarklet

To Use the Readability Bookmarklet

  • Download the Bookmarklet from http://www.readability.com
  • Follow the instructions to install on your browser of choice
  • On any web page you wish to read Click on the Readability Icon on the tool bar of your web browser
  • Select ALL (CTL+A)
  • COPY (CTL+C)
  • Double-Click on the RapidReader Icon on Your Desktop to launch it
  • Press (CTL+V) to PASTE
  • The contents you selected will be displayed in the ParagraphView.
  • Double-click on the word where you want to start RapidReading

Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Explorer all have a "reader view" available as an add-in from the tool bar. In each case please check the help files for installation or access instructions.

Note: These capabilities vary between browsers and may rely on the cooperation of individual websites to enable "reader mode".

Can I Read E-books with RapidReader?

Yes, as long as the book isn't copy protected. Because RapidReader needs to open the book as a RapidReader file, it needs to have access permission to the document. The easiest way to tell if it's available to RapidReader is to select some of the book and select copy (CTRL+C). If it's a PDF that is copy protected you will get a dialog box saying "Cannot Parse Files of This Type".

There is also software to convert many types of Epub books to PDF format which can then be read with RapidReader PRO.
To do this we recommend Calibre a free software for ebook management. It provides an easy to use conversation capability from many formats.

Here's a link to the Calibre site with download and conversion instructions

Please visit the RapidReader FREE Library for a large selection of books already formatted for RapidReader and links to thousands of journals, newspapers and more.

Visit the RapidReader Free Library Visit the RapidReader Free Library
Click here to visit the RapidReader library information page


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orange arrow Purchasing, Security and Licenses


How Do I Purchase RapidReader?

From the RapidReader site: There is a link on the home page as well as each of the product pages that will take you to our secure store. When you complete your purchase you will receive instructions via email for downloading and validating your RapidReader.


Is My RapidReader Purchase Secure?

Yes. The RapidReader store is on a secure server and any information you provide is not available to anyone outside the purchase process.

security by Verisign

How Many Licenses Do I Receive?

You will receive 3 licenses when you purchase RapidReader. These can be used any way you wish. We do recommend that you save one license in the event of a system crash or the purchase of a new computer.

NOTE: Please be sure to keep your confirming purchase email as you will need it for validating your download.

RapidReader PRO and Standard: a "Head to Head" Chart

Please Note: You cannot install both the RapidReader PRO and RapidReader Standard on the same machine. Please select which product best suits your needs based on the table below. Here you'll find the essential differences between the two. If you wish to try both you can install one version then uninstall it in order to try the other version.

RapidReader PRO has all of the features found in RapidReader Standard Edition such as integration into MS Word and Internet Explorer and the markup capability. But RapidReader PRO also supports accelerated reading for PDF and direct integration into Outlook e-mail. Because of the complexities inherent in the PDF format PRO includes a powerful analysis engine to examine the PDF file and extract the text for you to RapidRead.

PRO PRO also has support for e-mail in Outlook. For instance, if you selected 50 e-mails from your in box, with just one click, the RapidReader engine would extract the message and key information like "from","date" and "subject" field's as well as the name and type of any attachment. The the entire batch is delivered to you in sequence in the RapidReader flow. RapidReader PRO is ideal for time savings for proofreading, research, technical information or reading professional and academic content.

RapidReader Standard for Win or Mac DOES NOT include support for PDF or Outlook email. It is a feature rich environment based on the patented RapidReader engine. It's ideal for keeping up on internet news, researching for reports, proofreading MS Word documents, "rapid review" for exams and student assignments.

RapidReader PRO
RapidReader Standard
Translation engine for RapidReading PDF YES NO
"Drag and Drop" to open PDF in RapidReader YES NO
Direct integration into Outlook toolbar YES NO
Integration for PDF attachments in Outlook YES NO
Direct integration into MS Word toolbar YES YES
Direct integration into Internet Explorer toolbar YES YES
RapidReader Big TYPE option included YES YES
RapidRead from clipboard YES YES
"Drag and Drop" to open text files in RapidReader YES YES
Add Notes, Highlite text, add "Dog-Ear" page markers YES YES
Save in RapidReader format (r2d) with notes and highlites YES YES
Save in RapidReader format for Palm and Symbian mobile YES YES
Support for RapidReader Editions of Books in r2d or .txv format YES YES


If you have any problems validating your purchase..

Please click here

Or if the problem persists please contact us at Support.


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orange arrow Getting Up to Speed: The Tutorial and "Flooding"


Why Should I View the Tutorial?

RapidReader speed versus Squint and Scroll

I know, I know, you hate tutorials and manuals. We don't blame you.

However, this one is probably different from any you've ever experienced. You might think that the best way to accelerate your reading speed with RapidReader is to simply go faster a little at a time until you get used to it. That certainly seems reasonable and intuitive. However it turns out that the fastest way is actually to start slow and then plunge right in. That's what a technique called "flooding" does. The tutorial is your guide to this powerful method. When it comes to accelerating your reading speed it may be the best few minutes you'll ever spend. So when you first download RapidReader you'll have an opportunity to take a brief "test drive" that will introduce you to “Flooding” and get you up to speed the fastest and most efficient way possible. This clinically designed process only takes a couple of minutes and you'll see what reading 500 wpm is like. Once you experience it you’ll never need to doubt your ability to multiply your reading speed and comprehend fully.

Average Reading Speed

Average reading speed on paper: 200-230 wpm
Average reading speed on a computer screen: 100 wpm.
Average reading speed on a smartphone screen: 40 wpm.

After 3 minute RapidReader tutorial:

Customer average reading speed with RapidReader: 350+ wpm

So Please start your RapidReader experience with a tutorial that's unlike any you've ever seen.*

For more information and screenshots of the tutorial please click here

What is Flooding?

Getting on the Autobahn

Essentially the process is a bit like getting on the Autobahn for the first time. As you enter traffic it may seem that everything’s happening too fast. You might feel barely in control then you have to go even faster to keep up with traffic. At this higher speed even though there may be some “white knuckle” moments, you find that you can accommodate pretty quickly. Then when you get off the Autobahn and back to normal highway speed your experience tells you that now it seems like you’re moving reallllly slow. That’s the principle of flooding. By pushing the current limits of your reading speed and comprehension you’ll be amazed at how much you actually can read and understand. By going beyond your comfort level your range of reading ease expands. From there you’ll discover your own comfort level for your daily use. Often times you'll vary the speed even within a document depending on the content. You may even want to start reading with a brief "flooding" exercise of your own to see how fast you can read.

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orange arrow Using RapidReader


  • From the ParagraphView There are Three Ways to Launch the TurboView Window: The Play Button on the Paragraph Tool Bar

    1) Click the "Play Button" on the ToolBar Controls. This will launch the TurboView at whatever word is selected in the ParagraphView.
    2) Press the Space Bar. This will launch TurboView either at the beginning of a document OR if you are already RapidReading, at the last word you read
    3) Double Click on any word in the ParagraphView to begin reading from that word

    For full
    "How Do I?" information please Click Here Click Here for Information About Opening Documents in RapidReader
  • To Customize the Font, the Font Size and TurboView Position.. .The options item on the menu bar contains font and size choices

    Click the Options item on the ParagraphView Menu Bar. You will see a drop down menu with several choices. There you can...

    1) Select a Font for Notes, ParagraphView and TurboView
    2) Select a Font Size for ParagraphView and Notes
    3) Select 1 of 4 Font Proportions for TurboView
    2) Select a Location 1-4 for the TurboView Window

    For full
    "How Do I?" information please Click Here Click Here for Information About Opening Documents in RapidReader
  • Changing the Speed in TurboView: Keyboard Shortcuts and TurboControl

    1) You can change the speed "on the fly" in TurboView by pressing the "Up-Down Arrow Keys" This will change the speed in 25 wpm increments.

    Use the Up and Down Arrows to Change Speed Use the Up and Down Arrows to Change Speed

    2) Single Click to Pause then Press the Speed Control in the TurboView Console.

    The Speed Icon

    For full
    "How Do I?" information please Click Here Click Here for Information About Opening Documents in RapidReader
  • There are Several Ways to "Replay" or "Jump Forward".

    1) You can Replay or Fast-forward "on the fly" using the Left - Right Arrow Keys. Press once to go back a sentence. If you wish to go back more than one sentence Press several times in quick succession. RapidReader will automatically Resume from the new location.

    To Replay Press the Left Right Arrow KeysTo Replay Press the Left Right Arrow Keys

    2) Press the Space Bar To reveal the ParagraphView. You can use the navigation icons on the tool bar
    or simply scroll to a new location. Double-Click on a word to begin RapidReader.

    The Navigation Icons on the ParaView Menubar

    3) Single-Click to Pause and use the navigation icons on the TurboView Console.

  • Single Click to Pause for "Think Time" or if There's a Distraction

    This will stop RapidReader on the word that was displayed in TurboView when you clicked. It will also display the TurboView Console which has controls for navigation, speed, Notes, Highlites and Dog-Ears.
    Single-Click again to resume reading.

    This is the TurboView Console in Pause

    For full
    "How Do I?" information please Click Here Click Here for Information About Opening Documents in RapidReader
  • Double-Click or Press the SpaceBar to View the Text in ParagraphView

    You can use the ParagraphView as you would any document viewer. You can scroll, search using the Find feature, navigate through your Notes and Highlites and Save the document as a RapidReader file (.r2d).
    Then Double-Click on any word in the ParagraphView to begin reading from that word

    For full
    "How Do I?" information please Click Here Click Here for Information About Opening Documents in RapidReader

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orange arrow Using RapidReader Features


  • You Can Add Your Own Notes From ParagraphView or "On the Fly"

    When you create a Note it attaches to a particular word in the RapidReader. It's very useful for review, editing or even creating a "Crib Notes" document for exam study. You can save a RapidReader File with your Notes intact and even export your notes as a separate text file. You can also navigate through the file moving from Note to Note.
    For full information about
    Using Notes please Click Here Click Here for Information About Using Notes
  • How Do I Use the Highliter? Highliter Icon on the ParagraphView Tool Bar

    You can use the Highliter tool to change the color of the text for emphasis when viewed in both TurboView and ParagraphView.
    NOTE: You must be in ParagraphView to set a Highlite.
    1) Click on a word in the text to select it
    2) Click on the Highliter Tool on the tool bar.
    3) Click and Drag the Highliter Cursor across the text you wish to emphasize
    4) Click again

    You can also use the Highliter as a way to excerpt quotes from the text to save as a separate text file.

    For full information about
    Using The Text Highliter please Click Here Click here for more complete information about the Text Highliter Tool
  • What is a Dog-Ear?The Dog-Ear Icon on the ParagraphView Tool Bar

    If you want to mark a particular place in a document for review you can use a Dog-Ear marker It's a kind of bookmark that attaches to a particular word. It's particularly useful for placing a marker when you open a PDF in RapidReader. The page numbers match between the RapidReader version and the original PDF. Use a Dog-Ear to indicate that there is a graphic in the original file. You can also navigate through the file using the Dog-Ears you set previously
    For full information about
    Using Dog-Ears please Click Here Click Here for Information About Using Dog-Ears


  • Can I Save a RapidReader Document With All My Markup Intact?The Save Icon on the ParagraphView Tool Bar

    Yes. Simply "SAVE AS" from the menu bar. Give your document a name and RapidReader will save it as a RapidReader file (.r2d) The next time you open the document all of your Markup will be intact.

    For full information about
    Using Markup Features please Click Here Click Here for Information About saving your markup
  • Can I Export My Markup to Another File? Select Markup from the RapidReader menu bar

    Yes. Although it is not a direct export.
    RapidReader can generate a text file of each of your Markup types. For instance all of your Notes will be sequenced to a single text file which you can save separately. You can then copy paste into another document .

    Please NOTE: To access any selections in the markup dialog you need to select a word in the ParagraphView

    To Do this:
    1) Select Markup from the RapidReader Menu Bar
    2) Choose the kind of Markup
    3) Choose "Save to File"
    For full information about
    Using Markup Features please Click Here Click here for information about exporting your markup to other files
  • Can I Skip Through a Document Using My Markup? Select Markup from the RapidReader menu bar

    Yes. You can skip through a document from Note to Note or using Dog-Ears or Highlited text.

    Please NOTE: To access any selections in the markup dialog you need to select a word in the ParagraphView

    To Do this:

    1) Select Markup from the RapidReader Menu Bar
    2) Choose the Markup you wish
    3) Choose "Go To"

    For full information about
    Using Markup Features please Click Here Click Here for Information About saving your markup

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orange arrow About RapidReader and Accelerated Reading


Why Does RapidReader Work?

RapidReader is the adaptation of more than 10 years of clinical research which was taken out of the lab and developed as a practical software application. University research showed that there were two principal barriers to high reading speeds. The first was having to move your eyes across the page. The second was the childhood habit of "sounding out" as we read. The solution in clinical trials was to alter the display of text into a format much like a movie. The result? The subjects were able to consistently read and comprehend 1600 words per minute! By displaying the words one at a time in sequence, in the center of the visual field at a very high rate of speed, the subjects were able to accelerate their reading speed to many times their previous average. They did it without training of any sort. They simply sat back and "watched" the words. In later brain scans it was discovered that this speed was actually due to processing words as symbols in the visual cortex not in the brain areas associate with reading. This happens almost instantaneously in the same way we recognize a Stop sign. So if you can recognize a word you can understand it even at extremely high speeds. The display challenge was met by the use of a computer . Our brains do the rest.

From a purely practical standpoint RapidReader is a "lean-back" experience which eliminates scrolling and having to "find your place" every time you scroll.

To read more about the studies and the science behind RapidReader please click here Click here for more information about the science behind RapidReader

How Does RapidReader's High Reading Speed Affect My Comprehension?

In studies comprehension is about the same as reading in the traditional manner. In fact high speed may actually improve comprehension, although this may depend on your familiarity with the kind of material. There are a number of reasons for this. One is the addition of Human Cadence to the reading experience. This adds another layer of information to the reader that is not available in any other form. Another important factor is that when the text is moving quickly we have less time for our minds to wander. We've all had the experience of forgetting the paragraph we just "read". Actually what happens In typical reading is that our brains are much faster at processing than we are at reading. Consequently we are prone to distractions while our mind occupies itself while waiting around for the next word to process

The results of a joint study conducted by SoftOlogy IdeaWorks and University of Southern California showed significant improvement in comprehension while reading at more than three times the average speed on a computer.

Highlights of results

•86% of the subject group showed a significant improvement in comprehension when reading at 300 words per minute using RapidReader over reading print on paper in their normal speed and fashion.

•Those most severely impacted by language difficulties or slow reading speed had the most significant improvement when using RapidReader at self selected speeds.

For More information about this clinical trial please click here

What is Human Cadence Technology?

The first time you use RapidReader you'll notice that the words have a rhythmic quality as they're displayed. This is the core of our patented Human Cadence™ technology. All human language employs cadence to add meaning, emphasis and phrasing to the content of what we're communicating. The duration of words and the pauses between them become an important component in communication. RapidReader uniquely adds this element to the display of text on a screen. Numerous studies have shown how important this dimension is to understanding.

Why only one word at a time? Wouldn't it be faster if RapidReader displayed 2 or 3 words at a time?

The reason is that we only SPEAK one word at a time. We're hardwired for understanding this way. That's why RapidReader can apply the rhythm of natural speech to the display and take advantage of that ability to help us understand what we're reading even at very high speeds. This is what makes RapidReader significantly more comfortable even over long periods of accelerated reading.

The Difference over Standard RSVP Presentation

In standard Rapid Serial Visual Presentation there is no cadence applied to the display of the text. In effect, the duration of each word and the pause between them is the same. The experience is kind of like a machine gun rat-a-tatting words at you. While this increases speed in the short run, in studies unmodified RSVP has repeatedly shown itself to be visually and mentally tiring and difficult to maintain.

It took SoftOlogy IdeaWorks several years of development and refinement to arrive at a way for the reading material to actually control the cadence of the words you were reading. In other words the text appears on screen in a rhythm consistent with the way someone would speak them. This adds a tremendous amount of informational value so you can comprehend in a natural fashion no matter how fast you're reading.

For more about the importance of rhythm to comprehension please click here Click here for more information about the science behind RapidReader

Will I Remember What I Read?

Studies have shown that retention is largely a matter of attention. Actually, once the words are understood, retention is a matter of individual learning style and memory, not the display of text. In other words if you see and recognize the word, it doesn't really matter how it was displayed. However retention will be better if there are fewer distractions while reading. The slower you read, the more likely you are to be diverted during the time between words. How many of us have had to re-read a paragraph because our minds were wandering. This is at least in part because our brains move much faster than our eyes can travel across a page. This means our brains are "waiting" for the next word and that is often the cause of wandering attention. The result is a seeming lack of retention. RapidReader helps retention because the display is dynamic and the words are moving at a speed which holds our attention and focus.

In clinical trials the RapidReader display has significant benefits in comprehension and attention span for those with learning difficulties such as ADD and Dyslexia.

For information about RapidReader for learning disabilities please click here Click for more information about RapidReader for ADD and Dyslexia

What is the Average Reading Speed? How Fast Can I Read with RapidReader?

Average reading speed of course depends on the kind of content and the way you're reading it. The averages below are recognized standards for various types of reading.

Average Reading Speed

Average reading speed on paper: 200-230 wpm
Average reading speed on a computer screen: 100 wpm.
Average reading speed on a smartphone screen: 30-40 wpm.

After 3 minute RapidReader tutorial:

Customer average reading speed with RapidReader: 350+ wpm

With RapidReader like most things, the more you use it the easier it will become and the faster you'll be able to read. Most users will select their reading speed and may vary it within a document depending on the difficulty of the material. So for reading what's familiar to you a reading speed may be 700+ words per minute. For challenging material it may drop to 300 words per minute. The thing to keep in mind is that's still 3 times faster than the average on a computer.

What About Eyestrain and Using My Glasses?

RapidReader is ergonomically designed to reduce eyestrain. The font color, the customizable font sizes and position on the screen can all be adjusted to suit your comfort. The "starfield" background is there specifically to break up areas of visual contrast and reduce "after image" or what's called "retinal burn" ( seeing a high contrast image when you close your eyes). If you are like most people, you should experience a substantial reduction in eyestrain when reading in RapidReader versus regular text display.

With regard to using eyeglasses, many customers are able to put their reading glasses aside because of the font size and the "lean-back" reading experience.

For more information about the benefit of RapidReader for vision please click here Click for information about RapidReader as a visual aid

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orange arrow Troubleshooting


  • You may have to manually install the "add-in"
    --Usually this has to do with an installation on Vista or Windows 7.
    To do this..
    The Add-In Integration Utility is included automatically as part of the installation process for RapidReader. It is located in the SoftOlogy program folder.
    1) To access it go to Start > Programs > SoftOlogy > RapidReader App Integration, then double-click on App Integration Utility.
    2) The Utility has tabs for Internet Explorer, MS Word and Outlook (RR PRO only). With this utility you can click to install or uninstall the RapidReader Button on the appropriate application. For more about the procedure click on the "Help" item on the Utility

  • The RapidReader Icon is Hidden
    --Depending on which version of Internet Explorer, MS Word or Outlook you have, the tool bar may not display the icon even though it is installed. On some versions this requires expanding the tool bar. On others it's due to the "add in" procedure on the application. Please see Microsoft on-line help and search for keyword "add-in" for your application.

  • For more information regarding the add-ins please
    Click Here Click Here for more information about RapidReader Add-Ins for applications


  • Cannot Parse Files of This Type
    --Usually when you receive that message it could be for a few possible reasons.
    1) The Document is copy protected; for instance a PDF book or course ware
    2) PDF Files are only supported on RR PRO for Windows
    3) The Document is an RTF file
    4) The document is actually a graphic (scanned PDF)

    For more information regarding opening files please visit:
    Click Here Click Here for Information About Opening Documents in RapidReader

  • Text Not Found
    --This message is usually because the web site you are accessing has dynamic text delivery. Select the "Printer Friendly" version of the page and proceed as you normally would with RapidReader.


For In-Depth Troubleshooting Information Please Click Here Click for more troubleshooting solutions





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