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RapidReader PRO vs. Standard: a "Head to Head" Chart

PLEASE NOTE: RapidReader is currently Windows Only.
Please check back for new platform releases.

Please Note: You cannot install both the RapidReader PRO and RapidReader Standard on the same machine. Please select which product best suits your needs based on the table below. Here you'll find the essential differences between the two. If you wish to try both you can install one version then uninstall it in order to try the other version.

RapidReader PRO has all of the features found in RapidReader Standard Edition such as integration into MS Word and Internet Explorer and the markup capability. But RapidReader PRO also supports accelerated reading for PDF and direct integration into Outlook e-mail. Because of the complexities inherent in the PDF format PRO includes a powerful analysis engine to examine the PDF file and extract the text for you to RapidRead.

PRO PRO also has support for e-mail in Outlook. For instance, if you selected 50 e-mails from your in box, with just one click, the RapidReader engine would extract the message and key information like "from","date" and "subject" field's as well as the name and type of any attachment. The the entire batch is delivered to you in sequence in the RapidReader flow. RapidReader PRO is ideal for time savings for proofreading, research, technical information or reading professional and academic content.

RapidReader Standard for Win DOES NOT include support for PDF or Outlook email. It is a feature rich environment based on the patented RapidReader engine. It's ideal for keeping up on internet news, researching for reports, proofreading MS Word documents, "rapid "for exams and student assignments.

RapidReader PRO
RapidReader Standard
Translation engine for RapidReading PDF YES NO
"Drag and Drop" to open PDF in RapidReader YES NO
Direct integration into Outlook toolbar YES NO
Integration for PDF attachments in Outlook YES NO
Direct integration into MS Word toolbar YES YES
Direct integration into Internet Explorer toolbar YES YES
RapidReader Big TYPE option included YES YES
RapidRead from clipboard YES YES
"Drag and Drop" to open text files in RapidReader YES YES
Add Notes, Highlite text, add "Dog-Ear" page markers YES YES
Save in RapidReader format (r2d) with Notes and highlites YES YES
Support for RapidReader Editions of Books in .r2d or .txv format YES YES


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