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Saving Time With RR PRO

PDF is the most commonly used file type for information of all kinds...

Whether you're a professional, in business or in school, you run into PDF files everywhere. PDFs can also be among the most time consuming and laborious documents to read. RapidReader PRO is the solution to that problem. It's a new kind of software tool for fast, effortless reading.

All you have to do is "drag and drop" the PDF onto the RapidReader desktop icon.

RapidReader PRO uniquely analyzes the contents of the PDF file and extracts the text. Then its patented technology displays it for you to read many times faster with the ease and comfort of seeing a movie.

All you have to do is sit back and let the software do the work for you. It's that simple.

RR PRO also brings accelerated reading to Microsoft Outlook. Now with one click you can select a group of emails and RapidReader will open them automatically in sequence for instant high speed reading. You can skip through them at any time and PRO will even open PDF and MS Word attachments for you. Get through whole batches of emails and attachments at hundreds of words per minute. It's ideal for catching up, reviewing a correspondence history or sharing information.

After more than 12 years of research and development RapidReader PRO was created specifically to multiply your reading speed with the kinds of files you use the most.

Get started now saving yourself some time for the other things in life

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"I Literally Tripled my reading speed the first time I used it on a PDF. Since then it only keeps getting better."

Alex Stanopolis
Sydney, Australia

How Does it Save Time for You?

If You're a...

  • Lawyer: Depositions, Discovery, Court Filings, Contract Review, Continuing Education
  • Medical Professional: Patient files, Professional Journals, Research Papers
  • College or Grad Student: "Exam Cram", Required Reading, Memorization
  • Consultant: White Papers, Proofreading,Newsletters
  • IT or Security Pro: Govt. Regulations, Sarbanes Oxley, Certifications
  • Business: Marketing Materials, White Papers, Keeping up with the competition
  • Financial Advisor: Trending Analysis, Portfolio Building, Company Research
  • Tech Support Administrator: Quicker response time, Greater Accuracy


For a "Head to Head" Comparison
Between RapidReader PRO and Standard Click Here

Just a Few of the Reasons You'll Want RapidReader PRO

Read Up to 950 Words Per Minute
    Practical Use
  • It's There Whenever You Need It
  • Instantly Load PDF, MS Word, Web Pages, E-mail attachments
  • Read Research, Business Reports, Academic Assignments

    Speed and Ergonomic Comfort
  • Select your Reading Speed from 150-950 wpm
  • Just Sit Back and Watch-- There's No Scrolling,
  • Customize Your Font, Size and Screen Position
  • Large Text Relieves Eyestrain

  • Information Efficiency
  • 3 Views-- Paragraph, Turbo and Pause Mode
  • Add Notes, Highlites and Bookmarks
  • Save PDF, Web Pages as RapidReader Files
  • Share as E-mail Attachments or via DropBox

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