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Helping to build reading speed and comprehension for those with learning challenges

There are a lot of reasons why someone may struggle with reading.
For some it's an issue of maintaining attention in a sea of distractions.
For others it's actually difficulty with processing and making sense of the words that they're trying to read.
For children and adults, difficulties such as ADHD or Dyslexia present an ongoing challenge for millions of people.
But this isn't a matter of intelligence. It's a matter of the mechanics of reading.

As an assistive technology RapidReader has been shown in studies and in practical use to be a powerful tool for removing the barriers to reading. It is especially effective for those with print disorders. It's used in schools and universities as an accomodation under the American with Disabilites Act to assist students who have difficulty reading. Please see how a study conducted at University of Southern California confirms RapidReader's effectiveness in increasing reading speed and comprehension for those with reading challenges.

Why is RapidReader so effective?

  • The speed of the text display helps to maintain attention
  • The on screen movement and dynamism is much like a video game
  • The single word display removes distraction and visual clutter
  • The "lean back" reading experience reduces muscle fatigue
  • The presentation of the text is optimized to reduce eye fatigue

Simply put... being able to read more in less time builds confidence in learning ability.

ADHD and Dyslexia at school:

It is estimated that up to 15% of the student population in western society suffer from some form of learning disability. Recent studies have shown that up to 60% of the children in the US with problems of this nature go undiagnosed. For those that are fortunate enough to get help, it's often only in the form of medication, which while often of great benefit doesn't help the student with new skills to build confidence and tools to cope with the extra demands they face.

The most common of these disorders are the various forms of Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) but often included under the same umbrella are gifted children bored at the pace of the class and high functioning children on the Autism Spectrum. For millions of students and their parents the impact of these disorders can be devastating. For the child, the desire to learn... something instinctive in all children, gradually turns to dread as their confidence erodes in repeated classroom failure. For parents there is often a sense of helplessness as they watch their child struggle. What's needed is more and different kinds of assistive technology. RapidReader is one such tool that shows great promise in helping kids and adults cope with learning disabilities.

Perhaps the most important finding is the high degree to which the students themselves believe that consistent use of this methodology will result in an improvement in their reading ability.

See The Videos

Please check out the videos for "how-to" and power user tips and tricks

Just a few of the ways RapidReader can make study and learning faster and easier.

  • "Web Assignments" Use RR on the web to speed through almost any web page
  • "Memorization" Create RR Flash Cards for "dates, names and places" test preparation
  • Build "Cram Sheets" For high speed, last minute test preparation
  • Create your own "Ultra-Speed Vocabulary Builder" Learn new words in a fraction of the time
  • Save web pages in RapidReader format for reading offline
  • Use the Highliter Tool to emphasize importance even at very high reading speeds
  • Save your study materials with RapidReader and add your own Notes


RapidReader Free Library

The RapidReader Free Library is an ever growing source for many of the most assigned books for school and University. Hundreds of books prepared in RapidReader format all free. You'll also find a wealth of studying and test prep resources for academic success.

The Study: Efficacy of RapidReader for Learning Disorders:

The following is a brief summary of a joint study conducted at the University of Southern California where students diagnosed with a range of learning disabilities were given standardized reading comprehension tests. A comparison was then made between the test performance results when the student read the material in paper form versus reading at a generally greater rate of reading speed using RapidReader on a computer screen. The results as you will see below were very gratifying. It has been suggested that the significant improvement in comprehension may be due to the words being processed in a different part of the brain. Brain scans performed as parts of various studies involving RSVP* indicate that the processing of text at high speed bypasses the "speech areas" and is processed as symbols in the visual cortex. For those with learning challenges benefit may also accrue from the increased focus and attention paid to dynamically moving text display. In any case, the results indicate that RapidReader may offer substantial benefit for this population of students.

It is important to note that the purpose of the study was to establish the efficacy of a particular product that can be put into everyday use and provide a measure of improvement for those with identified learning disabilities. RapidReader was designed and built based on the findings of a range of studies regarding reading techniques. The product goal was to incorporate that science into a practical delivery solution. It was not the purpose of the study to re-confirm well established science but rather to confirm the ability to deliver the benefits with a software application.


During the course of hundreds of product demonstrations and through the process of development of RapidReader¨ we at SoftOlogy™ began to encounter an intriguing and wonderful body of anecdotal evidence; RapidReader appears to have an immediate benefit for individuals who identified themselves as having been diagnosed as dyslexic or ADD/ADHD. For many ADD adults, and parents of ADD children it was a profound discovery that explained so much about the struggles encountered in the world of school and work. It was particularly gratifying for SoftOlogy IdeaWorks to learn that RapidReader could offer a powerful assist to those who have struggled with reading and learning from text.

SoftOlogy commissioned an external pilot study, to be conducted at the University of Southern California into whether RapidReader offered a true quantifiable benefit to those diagnosed with Dyslexia and/or ADD/ADHD. We are pleased to present the very encouraging results of this admittedly preliminary study. But as our mission is to provide a computer enhanced learning environment, the decision was made to make this aspect of the efficacy of RapidReader for special populations known even as more extensive study continues into the question of "why" RapidReader works. It is our hope that over time we can contribute some additional science to the body of knowledge regarding the mechanisms of learning disabilities. In the mean time we offer a software display methodology, inexpensive and installable on most Windows and Mac OS X computers that appears from the evidence to offer a real world benefit to those children and adults who are identified as "learning disabled"

  • 86% of the subject group showed a significant improvement in comprehension when reading at 300 words per minute using RapidReader over reading print on paper in their normal speed and fashion
  • Those most severely impacted by language difficulties had the most significant improvement when using RapidReader at self selected speeds
  • In a subjective questionnaire ( scale of 1-5, 5 being "strongly agree" ) there was a very high value (mean=4.125 out of 5) when asked if the subjects felt that they would benefit from the use of RapidReader for academic reading


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