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The Science Behind RapidReader  
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The Neuroscience of Reading...

RapidReader is based on more than 15 years of research and development
This is the story of how discoveries in the lab became a practical tool for everyday accelerated reading.

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Examining How We Read

Studies have shown that we are capable of reading many times faster than our current average speed.
So why don't we read faster?
The question of what limits our reading speed was the subject of research at major universities spanning more than 20 years. What neuroscientists knew was that these limits aren't because of our ability to process information. Humans are lightning fast at putting symbols together to form patterns that make sense to us.


As a species that ability has been key to our survival. Often we instantly understand what a symbol means just by looking. (Just as we do today when we see a "STOP" sign). Yet when reading print, like a book or newspaper, the typical speed is slow averaging around 200 wpm. When you're reading on a computer screen that drops to an average of only about 100 words per minute. Yet in a breakthrough study at Johns Hopkins University, people were able to read 1600 words per minute with no training or practice. How? By changing the way the text was displayed. That was the genesis of RapidReader. Turning the findings from the lab into a software technology for everyday use.

So What slows us down?

What makes reading slow and difficult is the method we use to get written information into our heads. In other words reading speed is a function of the mechanical limitations of the way we read. Essentially this hasn't changed in more than 5,000 years. Simply put, moving your eyes across a page to collect words and then "sounding them out" to yourself is a laborious, time consuming and inefficient process. But until very recently we didn't really have a choice. Then along came computers opening up a world of new possibilities for the way we do things. What the research showed and has been repeatedly confirmed, is that when it comes to reading speed it's not our comprehension that slows us down. It's actually our inability to SEE the words faster. It's about eye muscles and the process of capturing the words on the page. RapidReader changes all that.


So the story of RapidReader is about about the years of research and the discovery of how to use technology to finally make reading easier and faster. But not only that, it was equally important to make the experience natural and comfortable for practical use in the real world.

RapidReader isn't voodoo science or a novelty app.

It's the result of adapting hard science from years of research and developing a successful solution to solve a real world problem. To find out more about the rest of the story please click here.You'll find the scientific basis for why RapidReader works so well and the research documentation that eanbled it's creation.



The Science Behind RapidReader con't

  • The Early Research
  • The Findings in the Lab
  • Why Reading Faster is so difficult
  • The Neuro-Psychology of Reading and the Rhythms of Natural Speech
  • The Computer Based Technology of Accelerated Reading
  • The Joint Study of the Effectiveness of RapidReader Conducted at University of Southern California
  • Further Readings and Research

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Using RapidReader the First Time
What is Flooding and Why Do You Care?
For most people RapidReader is a new kind of experience and in the beginning it may take a couple of minutes to get used to. Everyone has a different speed they're comfortable with for different kinds of reading.
The Flooding Technique is a clinically proven way to easily multiply your speed the first time you use RR.
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