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What People Say Abut RapidReader  
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What People are Saying About RapidReader

RapidReader customers come from all walks of life.
We're always pleased to hear from you and share your comments. Here's just a small sampling of what RapidReader users say.

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"I am enjoying RR immensely! As a journalist I use it mainly to read through large stacks of online material. Yesterday I had to read a PDF document of 50+ pages and I was through it in less than an hour."

Hidde Tangerman,

Amsterdam, Holland

"I use two speeds. One is what I call "progress report" speed, which is as fast as I can, to read those documents you sort of have to read but don't really want to (included are meeting minutes). I'm reaching 850 wpm for those - it's like "The Matrix" where the character learns to fly a helicopter in 15 seconds. I sometimes zip through the text twice to memorize more. I go slower for more important stuff (450-550). Another advantage of the software, even at slow speeds, is that it doesn't allow your mind to wander when reading."

Jean-Louis Tambay
Ottowa Ontario

"I can't tell you how much this product helped me in my last Master's level class. The ability to read all of the research papers in .PDF format really helped speed up the research I had to do. Unfortunately some of the Masters dissertations were (in essence) .jpg images instead of .PDF's created from text. So I couldn't use RapidReader. I would have "killed" to have RR be able to read those files too since I had to read and review over 1200 pages of dissertations for the research project!"

"Can't say enough good things about the product! I love it!"

Russ Foszcz


"As I tested the product I was astonished to see that I could read at 800 words per minute on my device with good level of understanding. I felt very productive. Thank You."

Sebastian Doren
Santiago Chile

"Dear SoftOlogy...
Just wanted to thank you for RapidReader.
I use my it for business e-mail before had struggled to read my e-mail messages on my train commute each day - without going blind from eye-strain. RapidReader is an absolute breakthrough!"

R.Durishin NY.NY

"With RapidReader, I feel the program does the reading and I do the comprehending. It's amazing!"

John Collier
Bethesda, MD

"I can see applications with all kinds of flashcards and I want to try it with vocabulary. I took a speed reading mini-course years ago, but even though I read extremely fast, I find this program is very comfortable on my eyes. I can see some real serious applications as kids are switching from 3rd to 4th grade where they go from learning to read to reading to learn. I have noticed over the years that slower readers often don't understand what they are reading because by the time they get to the end of a sentence they forget what they started with. Nothing compels kids to read faster. This will push them painlessly. The more I think about it that is an excellent selling point; it is purely painless and easily graduated to higher and higher speeds."

Artie Leichner
Reading Education Specialist
Miami-Dade Florida

"My wife objects to my reading with the light on while she is trying to sleep. Due to this I purchased Rapid Reader about a month ago. I find this method of reading much easier and more natural than reading traditional ebooks on screen. I am up to 350 wpm now and reading very efficiently while having fun at the same time. Instead of sounding the words out in my mind, I just relax and the words seem to penetrate without concentration or stress. Both my speed and comprehension have improved dramatically. I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves to read."

Michael Harrison
Carrollton Texas

" I've been meaning to write but was so swamped with trying to finish up my Master's that everything else basically dropped off the plate. RR was incredible when I had to do a Lit Review as part of my Master's capstone exam. Instead of being overwhelmed by the number of documents (and pages and pages of research) I needed to get through, RR made it so easy to get the essence of each paper and capture the key thoughts I needed for my Lit Review. "

Connie Lane
Fort Collins CO

" Please be assured that I think that RapidReader is a great product - I'm getting to the point where I'm not sure how I coped without it. "

New Zealand
RR Symbian

" Thanks! Sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the (Internet) reading I have to do. I am able to use the RapidReader program. Thereby doing more research on material and being able to cover it much more quickly.
For this alone I would like to extend my thanks to you for this program. "


" I've enjoyed using SoftOlogy's Rapid Reader. I was able to review 60 pages of course notes in 20 minutes the week before my exam and as a result aced the exam! "

Vancouver Canada

" My Initial Impression: I was thinking, like what is this? but when we got rolling on those high reading speeds, that was awesome! "

Berkeley, Ca

"Because RapidReader is resident in programs that I normally use for routine reading and can paste-in and append information from programs where it is not resident (such as Lotus Notes) it has become an indispensable tool for me, owing to this convenience. RapidReader is also a particularly effective, yet very simple training device to use to improve my word recognition ability."

"The reading experience itself (after a lifetime plagued by subvocal reading) is quite extraordinary. As my mind "synchronizes" with the text flow after a brief period of adjustment, or warm-up, I suddenly realize that the words are flowing from the screen into my mind (truly as if watching a movie), and I am effortlessly absorbing everything. This experience has made reading for me a genuine pleasure; it is no longer just a chore. Other accelerated reading programs that I've sampled are flawed in that the words displayed lose their clarity after an interval of reading. Quite the opposite is true with RapidReader: the words become sharper and more distinct."

"In my opinion, RapidReader is a significant breakthrough."



From the Review in the "Russel Beattie Notebook" Blog
Rapid Reading

Wow. So I just downloaded the RapidReader speed reading application after reading this article on the Wireless Dev Net and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed. It takes normal text and flashes them word by word on your screen for you to read quickly without having to scan the page, etc. The key to this technology is that it uses a similar cadence to someone speaking, so it is surprisingly easy to read at 300-400 words per minute right away. Normally people read around 150 wpm, so this is pretty damn cool.
Russel Beattie Notebook


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