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Using RapidReader

What can you read with RapidReader? Almost anything you can read on a screen.

RapidReader integrates directly into the programs you use most often so they can work faster and smarter for you. The software automatically analyses most types of electronic documents and with one click formats the content into a display that's optimized for speed and comfort.

See below to get a Quick Start in using RapidReader to streamline all kinds of information tasks and save yourself hours of time.

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How To Use RapidReader
Opening Files • Speed Controls • Navigation • Personalize • Markup Tools
How to Open Document in RR How to Set and Change the Speed How to Begin Reading in Turbo View How to Customize The Display Using RapidReader Markup Features

When You Open a File in RapidReader: There are Two Views for Reading
The Paragraph View
RR opens a file in the Paragraph View. To start RapidReader simply press PLAY to start from the top of the page or DOUBLE CLICK on a word to begin at that spot. The text flow will automatically start at the speed you selected.

Using the Paragraph View Functions

In the ParagraphView you can...

Navigate and Add Mark-up

  • Press Play to Begin Reading from where you Left Off or...
  • Double Click on any word to begin from there
  • Select your initial reading speed
  • Customize the TurboView
  • Add Notes, Bookmarks and Highlite Text
  • Save the file with your markup as an RR file.

The TurboView
After selecting your starting point in the material, this is where the accelerated reading happens. From here you can use keystrokes to change your reading speed and rewind or fast forwards through the text by sentence, paragraph or page. You can SINGLE CLICK to pause or press the SPACEBAR to stop and return to the Paragraph View at any time.

Click for TurboView Functions

In the TurboView you can...

Use Keyboard Shortcut Commands...

  • Use the UP/Down Arrow Keys to Change Speed
  • Use the Left/Right Arrow Keys to Fast forward or Rewind
  • Single Click Once to Pause and Reveal the Control Bar
  • Press the Space Bar to return to the Paragraph View
  • Save the file with your markup as an RR file.



But don't take our word for it. Download RapidReader Standard and see for yourself. For a limited time it's absolutely FREE.

Two Versions Standard and Pro...
Free Download of RapidReader

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PLEASE NOTE: RapidReader is Currently Windows Only.

What's the difference between RR Standard and PRO?

Automatic Support for PDF and Outlook Email and attachments

The major difference between the Standard and PRO versions is that PRO includes includes additional sophisticated file analysis software for complex formats. These enable support for extracting the text from PDF documents. With PRO you can "drag and drop" a PDF onto the RapidReader icon and it will automatically parse the text and open the PDF in RapidReader for you.

RR PRO also includes direct "add-in" support for Outlook Email and attachments. With it you can select up to 100 emails and their attachments, and with one click RR PRO will place them in sequential order for accelerated reading. You can skip through them and read attachments with a single keystroke. Below you'll find some more information about RapidReader PRO.

For a "Head to Head" comparison please click here.


Using RapidReader's Information Management Tools for Even More Time Savings
Combine Reading Speed and Document Markup for Contract Review, Proofreading, Memorization, Exam Prep and more.
Use these tips and tricks for whenever the pressure's on.
RapidReader for Business RapidReader for School Study for Certification Exams RapidReader for Medical Practice RapidReader for Legal Practice RapidReader for Keeping Up with Your Interests

Get up to Speed Fast

Using RapidReader the First Time
What is Flooding and Why Do You Care?
For most people RapidReader is a new kind of experience and in the beginning it may take a couple of minutes to get used to. Everyone has a different speed they're comfortable with for different kinds of reading.
The Flooding Technique is a clinically proven way to easily multiply your speed the first time you use RR.
SEE HERE how to do it. You'll be amazed at how quickly you'll comfortably accelerate your reading speed..

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